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Monday, September 13, 2010


It is the advance version of Wi-Fi. It extends the speed of WiFi and covers long distance as well as the users. It used mobile computing technology. WiMax is defining by IEEE in the name 802.16, Institute of Electric and Electronic Engineering. WiMAX technology was developed in earlier 2000. It network access can be achieved by means of external antennas connected to central base stations, offering a connectivity alter-native to wired broadband options. It is a expensive service delivery, its wired precedence become the solution for broadband delivery in areas that are challenged by distance, population density, or topologic difficulties.

Once wireless signal will be received at the building that houses the customer, the customer connects its preexisting in-building network to the wireless access point. In the future, it can be possible to connect directly to the 802.16 signal since the chipsets will be cheap enough to install in laptops and perhaps even in personal digital assistants (PDAs). The base station can connect to the laptop or PDA by relying on a single MAC layer to “erase” the problems associated with different physical layers, thus ensuring adequate quality of service (QoS) and viable connectivity. It is the highest speed of wireless communication. Source

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Saturday, September 11, 2010


Wi-Fi is wireless technology which enables connection between two or more devices wirelessly for data sharing purposes. It follows IEEE 802.11 standards. it is using by several people using by means of various devices such as personal computers, laptops, printers, camera, games, mp3 players etc. In this modern technology computer usage has been increasing day to day, which will bring new field to this world and also work load of human being will be decreases.

Everything is possible using wireless communications. No need of cable, there is no space constrain, and also not needed of human resources. Wireless communication between computers should be in security form, The user should not allow the intruder to enter between these computer. The router is a vital part in Wi-Fi technology, it routes the source and destination parts. Wi-Fi is a long-distance, transportable connectivity technology for individual, business or for certain geographical area. Millions of people all over the world use Wi-Fi in their homes to converse to anyone on the planet with Wi-Fi connected devices. Wi-Fi is ongoing technology, every now and then something new in wireless technology shows up. It can share hardware and software resources. One of the major drawbacks in Wi-Fi technology is speed, It allows only limited speed access. Wi-Max is the advance version of Wi-Fi. Source

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