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Thursday, November 12, 2009


This address is utilized by Linksys routers and open source linux based firm wares that are well matched with Linksys routers.As a result is apt to be set as default gateway on PCs connected to a router. as well commonly includes web interface which controls the configuration of the router. If you are can’t access this address it is likely that you need some kind of network configuration issue.

The IP address is the default for the Linksys brand-home for broadband routers. The manufacturer at the factory sets this IP, but you could change it any time utilizing the network administrative console of the router.

IP address is a private IP v4 network address. Any brand of the router’s network, or any PC on a limited network for that issue, could be set to utilize this address. As with any other Internet Protocol address, however, only a single device on the network must utilize to prevent address conflicts. is a Class C private Internet Protocol address. Private Internet protocol addresses are preserved for private networks which are not included on the Internet. Though most home networks are linked to internet, they’re not part of it. Instead, the network router operates as the gateway and routes network data to correct PC on the home network. While this permits a lot of PCs to share single Internet Service Provider connection the disadvantage is that home PCs are not reachable right away from the Internet (but given the number of trojans and viruses out there this could also be a great thing).[]


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