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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Internet service provider (ISP)

The first step in connecting to the Internet is to find an Internet service provider (ISP). The most important services an ISP offers are:

Internet access. Access any Web site, send instant messages to your friends, play online games, or use any other Internet service.
E-mail. You can access your e-mail with Microsoft Outlook Express or your Web browser. Most ISPs offer multiple e-mail addresses, so everyone in your family can have an account. ISPs typically provide spam filtering that reduces, but does not eliminate, unwanted messages.

Depending on your location, you might have several different choices for Internet access. Starting with the most attractive technologies for home Internet access, common Internet connection types are:

Cable modems. The best performing and most affordable option available to customers, most cable TV providers offer broadband Internet access.
DSL. An excellent choice for businesses, DSL typically offers better reliability than cable modems. However, DSL tends to be more expensive than cable modems for similar levels of service.
Dial-up. The slowest method of connecting to the Internet, dial-up enables you to connect to the Internet using your existing phone lines. Dial-up is convenient because it is available to any location with a phone. However, slow performance makes using the Internet frustrating.
Satellite. Satellite broadband services provide high-speed Internet access to any location with a clear view of the sky (currently available in North America and certain other locations). Satellite services may be the only broadband option for people living in rural areas. The cost of satellite services is significantly higher than other services. While you can transfer large files quickly with satellite, browsing the Web or playing online games can seem slower than with dial-up because of the delay caused by sending signals to and from satellites.

Additionally, ISPs are beginning to offer wireless or fiber broadband Internet access in limited areas.

To find an ISP, you should contact your cable television provider for cable modem service or your telephone company for DSL. Almost all cable and telephone companies offer broadband Internet access, and they typically offer a discount if you purchase multiple services from them.


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