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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Common physical components of a network

There are 4 major categories of physical components in a computer network:
1. PCs
2. Interconnections: they consist of components
that provide means for data to travel
from one point to another point in the network, this category includes components
such as the following:

1. NICs: (Network Interface Cards), translates the data produced by the computer
into a format that can be transmitted over the local network (digital to
2. Network media: such as cables or wireless media, that provide the means by
which the signals are transmitted from one network device to another.
3. Connectors: provide the connection points for the media, i.e RJ-45
3. Switches: devices that provide network attachments to the end systems and
intelligent switching of the data within the local network.
4. Routers: interconnects networks and chooses the best path between networks for data
to go through.
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